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Local officials called in the National Guard to keep order. If necessary, it was thought, the flow would be reduced with outlets that would divert part of the river into the biggest outlet of all, the Atchafalaya River, into the Gulf, or at Bonnet Carre, just above New Orleans, into Lake Pontchartrain and then to the Gulf.

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Too dark to write, another big storm coming — noon. An upstream break, on the other hand, would send a disastrous flood into New Orleans. Steamboats carried many of the white wives and young children away to Vicksburg or Memphis.

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Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover chaired a special committee that handled the emergency. The next day, sirens warned those remaining that 1, feet of levee just south of Melville had collapsed. Frank M. The planters knew that if the blacks got out of the Delta, they would never return. By such correction, Eads declared, "floods can be permanently lowered," which would render levees superfluous. A boat eventually took them to a Red Cross camp where they were assigned to a tent with army cots and blankets that was their home for at least two weeks. It would be a continuing flood of water — the Mississippi River flowed through the crevasse for months. If necessary, it was thought, the flow would be reduced with outlets that would divert part of the river into the biggest outlet of all, the Atchafalaya River, into the Gulf, or at Bonnet Carre, just above New Orleans, into Lake Pontchartrain and then to the Gulf. River water poured through the breach and began to rush to the south, soon joined by floodwaters caused by a break in a Bayou des Glaises levee to the north of St. Much of Lafayette remained dry. States also needed money to rebuild their roads and bridges. The boys rescued the chickens and placed them on a scaffold out of the water. African Americans also did not receive supplies without providing the name of their white employer or voucher from a white person. As it turned out, the destruction of the Caernarvon levee was unnecessary; several major levee breaks well upstream of New Orleans, including one the day after the demolitions, released major amounts of flood waters, reducing the water that reached the city. The Greatest Flood in History In the winter of the rains were so heavy that on the tributaries of the Mississippi the water had overflowed the banks, causing floods to the west in Oklahoma and Kansas, to the east in Illinois and Kentucky.

Susan Scott Parrish is a professor at the University of Michigan. To the contrary. Calvin Coolidgein office during the disaster to the Democratic Party.

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Washtubs, work benches, household furniture, chickens and domestic animals went floating by. The Corps was confident that its levees-only system would hold in the river, and it so promised. According to various estimates, there were between and flood-related deaths. The threat continued to worsen, however, and state government officials believed the levees would inevitably break. The flood made that all too clear. Before the 19th century nothing man-made had ever moved faster than the speed of a horse. After a while it begins to pall and finally it has no meaning whatever. By the end of January, major tributaries such as the Ohio River were overflowing their banks. The Red Cross established racially segregated camps in the flood zones. Early that morning, a young airmail pilot, Charles Lindbergh, took off from Roosevelt Field on Long Island and flew his single-seat, single-engine Spirit of St. Both caused disruptions of life in southern Louisiana for thousands of people that arguably could be outranked only by the destruction caused during the Civil War. Floodways that diverted excessive flow from the Mississippi River were constructed. At least one black man was shot, reportedly for refusing to work.

Levee guards were placed in camps at strained sites along the top of the levee and ordered to maintain them from danger of crevasse, a break in the levee which would allow water to enter the area it protected.

Photograph of map by Princella W. Those who were less experienced immediately began fleeing the area by train and continued to do so until the tracks became unusable.

Then, as the waters rose, they were left stranded for days without food or drinking water, while white women and children were hauled to safety. Massive gates were constructed to allow excess water to be diverted into these areas in times of severe flooding. He became a hero—just about the only hero to come out of the crisis—and thus won the Republican nomination for presidential candidate. NOAA The flood brought about long-term social and political changes in the country. Most of the refugees went to stay with relatives. Some six hundred prefabricated cabins were sent to St. Until the American Red Cross arrived, families, mostly African-Americans, slept in makeshift tents of quilts and materials brought along in their escape from their homes. Each caused widespread dislocation of large numbers of people for many months. Percy, William Alexander. Part of that was because nobody realized how much would be washed away. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later, but always the river will make its own route to the Gulf of Mexico. The New Orleans businessmen did not compensate the losses of people in the downriver parishes. This slow, months-long disaster occurred in an era of a fast new medium—radio—and became intensely consuming for Americans, who had never before experienced a virtual disaster in something close to real time. In , Americans demonstrated a lack of preparation for the consequences of that faith—a deficiency that would become tragically apparent again, in the same part of the country, when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in

Martinville, Parks and Breaux Bridge to volunteer that Sunday and a special Mass would be held at 4 a. Jim Bradshaw wrote in "Great Flood of " for Know Louisiana, wrote, "the Red Cross provided seed, tools, and rations to farm families facing the daunting task of surviving the winter and starting a new crop in the spring.

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