An argument in favor of studying glaciology an interdisciplinary scientific study of glaciers and na

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La precessione degli Equinozi in Dante. Orengo, R. Malaroda, R. His studies of Thermodynamic were very important Drago, ; Pisano, ; Redondi, : he was the first in Italy to write about Sadi Carnot Saint Robert, and his work Principes de Thermodynamique Saint Robert, ; Saint Robert, was adopted as text book in the most important Universities in Europe.

Torino: Loescher.

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Oxford: The Clarendon Press, 3. It is impossi- ble, as Blaserna instead supposed, that the increase of temperature could make possible the return of these gla- ciers, because in this condition the perennial snowline rises and the condensing surface disappears.

Our research is the maiden attempt to reconstruct the longest regional scale glacier mass balance records for the Western Himalaya based on tree-ring sampling at an unprecedented scale. Saint Robert says that Blaserna did not consider the ablation of a glacier.

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Himalayan glaciers experienced significant mass loss during later phases of little ice age