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In the love-trial of Act 1, Scene 1, both Goneril and Regan make huge claims about their love for their father, claiming that it surpasses any other kind of happiness they can imagine: Goneril Sir, I love you more than [words] can wield the matter, Dearer than eyesight, space, and liberty, Beyond what can be valued, rich or rare, No less than life, with grace, health, beauty, honour; As much as child e'er lov'd, or father found; A love that makes breath poor, and speech unable: Beyond all manner of so much I love you.

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After seeing this, his wife cried out, howling in fear. Her story begins with a description of her loving husband. Alright, so all these fancy studies have a lot to say. The Census Bureau said it was working to improve the quality of survey results on earnings by comparing them with other reported sources.

Smith, Journal of Discourses, Vol. Some might say it is caring for people in your everyday life.

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Everyone in this world desires love in any form, whether it is with family, friends, or a romantic partner.

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Ursula Le Guin: Short Stories “The Wife’s Story” Summary and Analysis