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Pharmacist work force in implications of requiring residency training for practice. J Am Pharm Assoc. Students can register with the site to gain access to their free resume builder and additional career tools.

Items covered several facets of work settings from the time pharmacists spent in various activities eg, patient care, management to the benefits offered eg, job sharing, parental leave. Our goal was to differentiate among the various career pathways described.

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Webb CE. Because of sample size limitations, we did not further categorize respondents by demographic variables such as gender, position, or years of experience.

The profiles constructed could be helpful to pharmacists as they consider various career paths, and as they choose educational, experiential, residency, and certification training during their pharmacy career.

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Corresponding Author: Jon C. Johnson TJ.

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Scores for the overall factors were computed by summing the scores of the items that loaded on the corresponding factor. Our goal was to differentiate among the various career pathways described. North Carolina: Glaxo Wellcome, Inc; Pathway Evaluation Program for Pharmacy Professionals. If a pharmacy student is interested in careers offering opportunities for patient care, the profiles show that careers in ambulatory care pharmacy, independent community pharmacy, and community health center areas scored highest for involving patient care Table 3. In the forum, students can learn about career options, find networking opportunities, and access a variety of resources. In addition, the pharmacist e-Link portal provides news, continuing education courses, and business management tools.
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Identifying Work Setting Profile Factors From the Career Pathway Evaluation Program