Are hivaids carriers suffering from discrimination essay

This article focuses mainly on the potential and catalytic role of stigma, the darkest facet of AIDS, and examines the major effects on childbearing subjects and the role society must play in order to eliminate HIV discrimination.

They often take extreme precaution against HIV positive clients for fear of transmission, and at times may refuse HIV positive clients some aspects of care.

PLHIV experienced isolation and lack of psycho-social and emotional support.

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In response, PLHIV have developed self-depreciating mindsets and coping skills to deal with the social repercussions versus accepting of their current status and seeking help.

Farmer also argues that social intervention may be key in altering the gap in treatment between these groups of people. The results found started a prevention programme which included information on HIV transmission routes 8.

AIDS is considered to be one of the most devastating infections during gestation, having both medical and ethical implications; as a result, women are trapped between social obstacles.

Poznan: Termedia; Pak J Biol Sci. Parents and AIDS education. Fam Plann Perspect. Some of these correlations were also confirmed by our study in Poland.

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HIV/AIDS Related Stigma and Discrimination against PLWHA in Nigerian Population