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There are 10—15 people working at all times, trained on the menu, and on upselling. This includes college campuses and universities, transportation stations, airports, sports facilities, and more.

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BurgerFi is in 20 states, with 45 Florida restaurants. The atmosphere at the BurgerFi restaurant is eco-friendly with an urban feel.

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The guest waiting starts tapping their wrist. BurgerFi says only about 1 percent of the beef produced in the U. BurgerFi BurgerFi says only about 1 percent of the beef produced in the U. The South University location is one of the first BurgerFi restaurants to have a full bar, Stein said. Tables created from more than , upcycled milk jugs. Human resources. University Ave. He epitomizes the spirit of entrepreneurship! I think we're going to be an awesome fit for Ann Arbor. The menu also includes Wagyu beef hot dogs, a quinoa veggie burger, fresh-cut fries cooked in peanut oil, onion rings and frozen custard. To assist in the planning stage for his business, Mr. Patrick Record The Ann Arbor News University of Michigan students will have a new restaurant to add to their selection of near-campus food offerings next week: BurgerFi. They can hardly hear. People walk up, see the wait, and walk right by. The lunch rush is here.

BugerFi Kiosks and other digital-ordering platforms are part of BurgerFi's present and future growth. BurgerFi is building designated spots through GPS-enabled location services to alert staff when a customer arrives.

Between — BurgerFi, founded in in South Florida, was one of the fastest growing better-burger fast casuals on the scene, adding some 25—30 units per year.

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Never frozen.

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Innovation Inspires a New Era of Growth at BurgerFi