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And it gives us an understanding of why they thought that way and to make us understand the writer's work better A comparative essay asks that you compare at least two possibly more items.

Comparative essay introduction examples

In my opinion, you should read the books through so you get an understanding of the plot and characters. Reviewed by [your name] II. What exactly is the subject or topic of each book? However, while a book review essay should evaluate books about the same topic [e. Once you generate a list of traits, you can easily see an outline emerging. This time period had no war on drugs and no high school shootings. American author tried to make his narrative much like an unprompted diary — this was his original approach to writing. As people spend all their lives in the town or city they are born they can't experience different cultures and therefore have a lack of tolerance and understanding for differences in the lifestyles of these cultures Introduction A. Here are a series of questions to focus your thinking: What is the thesis—or main argument—of each book?

Despite a great number of analogies, most well-known works of these writers are not that similar. A performance. What symbols appear in the text?

A comparison between the scop in Beowulf and the scop in Widsith will more clearly define for us what that role was. Consider the alternating method if you are able to identify clearly related points between A and B.

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She lectures and writes about study skills. You need to indicate the reasoning behind your choice. There are many different models you can use in writing an essay like this. They usually involve actions of great glory and are typically centered around historical or legendary events of universal significance.

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Compare and contrast two books with similar themes

The effectiveness and ineffectiveness of both Antony's and Brutus's speech to the people are conveyed through tone and rhetorical devices Although the details of the plays are different, the two assassins Brutus and Hamlet provide interesting comparison. An outline helps you keep this balance because it ensures that your argument will be presented in an organized fashion, with equal support for your analysis for both books. The best frames of reference are constructed from specific sources rather than your own thoughts or observations. Is it the same or are the books intended for difference sets of readers? You actually have a little more leeway. Your assignment will most likely give you direction as to whether you should find specific characters, story characteristics, or overall themes to compare. You need to come to a conclusion this may be obvious, but some people are very vague. Here, it's best to just take notes of all of the relevant quotes, then narrow it down to the ones that you believe are the strongest support for your claim and each mini thesis.

In a compare-and contrast, you also need to make links between A and B in the body of your essay if you want your paper to hold together.

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