Dinosaur writing activities for first grade

What questions would you ask? Reading the questions on his own is optional. We reviewed how fossils were formed and I told them that in each cup, hidden underneath the layers of earth chocolate pudding, crushed chocolate and vanilla sandwich cookiesthey would each find a different dinosaur.

Can your child construct a Dino? My students worked so hard to become master paleontologists! K—5 What fact made the discovery of Argentinosaurus so important?

Hide Dino eggs, Dino figures see if you can find the skeletal onescleaned and bleached chicken bones, or bone shaped dog treats in the sand or cornmeal.

Have a Dinosaurumpus of your own! Sort and graph the meat-eaters and plant-eaters. They were so excited to find all the fossils!

dinosaur writing activities for preschoolers

As you continue through the project, add other dinosaurs in their appropriate time periods. The perspective will provide them with an interesting way to illustrate their final pieces.

dinosaur writing prompts

Cool 3-D Dino's! Let him explore color mixing and fizzing!

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1st Grade Dinosaurs Coloring Pages & Printables