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You having an oil millionaire, and me having a baby 90! She travels from the railroad in New Orleans to a street formally known as Elysian Fields, where she meets her pregnant sister Stella and her husband Stanly Kowalski. While recognizing his compassion for frustrated and sensitive persons trapped in a highly competitive, commercial world, question whether he has not sacrificed his talent for popular success Mood She is intensely self-conscious and a performer in the utmost sense.

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When the reader is first introduced to the character of Blanche DuBois, she portrays herself as sincere and fragile. If it happens!

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Thus, she does draw Mitch's attention by undressing in the light so that he can see the outline of her body. Stella falls for the act that Blanche puts on but Stanley is not so easily convinced. The central protagonist, Blanche, has many flaws; she lies, is vain and deceitful, yet can be witty and sardonic. The name Blanche is French and means white or fair. In A Streetcar Named Desire, the audience is confronted with a blend of many unique emotions, perhaps the strongest being sympathy. Blanch Dubois is presented as the sympathetic character in Tennessee William's A Streetcar Named Desire as she battles mental anguish, depression, failure and disaster. Blanche describes being in love with Allan Gray as having the world suddenly revealed by a blinding, vivid light. Williams brings to the attention of the audience that Blanche has psychological issues; therefore, she cannot decipher between fact and fiction, or is it her choice to deny reality. Due to the fact, that these things we call real are made up of things that would have never been possible without the human mind, our reality can be perceived to be an illusion Blanche pretends to be many things that she is not in order to please herself and any potential male suitors. Throughout the play, both Blanche and Stanley seem to rely heavily upon liquor. In analyzing the main character of the story, Blanche DuBois, it is crucial to use both the literal text as well as the symbols of the story to get a complete and thorough understanding. They went that night to a dance where a polka was playing. This play is about Blanche DuBois; therefore, the main themes of the drama concern her directly.

She feels that she had failed her young husband in some way. Thus she forces Mitch to leave. Raised on a plantation among the wealthy, she is a ringing example of sophistication and femininity.

Their differences are jarring, and his bumbling and boorish nature falls far from her romantic ideals.

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The two elements of death and desire as binaries are not able to to exist without each other, and this idea is manifested throughout the main character, Blanche Dubois. Blanche represents a deep-seated attachment to the past Having failed in convincing her own sister, Stella, that Stanley raped her, a doctor and a matron come from an asylum to take her away. In the plays "The Glass Menagerie" and " A Streetcar Named Desire" written by Tennessee Williams, none of the characters are capable of living in the present and facing reality He enjoys judging women and playing with their feelings as well She refuses to see herself as she is but instead creates the illusion of what ought to be. Therefore, she tries to alleviate her guilt by giving herself at random to other young men. People instinctively try to place blame on anything but themselves, and alcohol presents itself as the perfect escape route for a guilty conscience. Critics have related this to anger and resentment toward his parents for not preventing his sister, Rose Williams, from undergoing the prefrontal lobotomy that left her absent from her formal self Raised on a plantation among the wealthy, she is a ringing example of sophistication and femininity. Blanche, a widow often finds herself in difficult and unforeseen circumstances

Blanche captures our focus with her seemingly sincere and fragile nature, but it is later revealed that this is just an illusion within her own mind.

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