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Many young people were involved in Nazi youth organizations and bought into the ideology when their parents id not. They fight and suffer and even kill to keep their society alive. I tend to keep the files pertaining to my major because I anticipate needing them at a future date, but the all of the other assignments usually end up in the trash.


Adding onto his ignorance, he initially arrested anyone who attempted to defy the bill, proving that he would let no man get in his way. They can be thought of as a set of layers organized chronologically starting with religious discrimination at the bottom.

As the War began to draw closer, they merged with Hitler 's army and soon occupied Europe as a single entity In the early years when the party was called the DAP no one would have thought it would become any major driving force but only a short lived Stammtisch creation.

What was hitlers propaganda to gain power

During the Holocaust, terrible and devistating things happened. History shows that both parties shared hatred and sought out those they disapproved of for questioning, torture and even execution. From the outside, people assume that the Nazis had brainwashed every German citizen during their reign. The Great Depression brought Germany and the Republic down on its knees. While the person who controls the fear uses it to control an entire society. How is the message conveyed? And those people were children. The appeal of the ideology lay in several factors that the Germans, still recovering from the fallout of W.

The roots of Nazism Nazism had peculiarly German roots. The purpose of the Nazi book burning was to destroy all ideologies that were considered to be un-German.

This was a weakness of the impact of Nazi ideology, since the children had views about Nazism which differed from their parents causing conflicts between families.

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Ib History Essay: Nazi Ideology