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Any fears about death that they or their families may have are talked about and they are given comfort. But […] the act itself, of conforming our course of life to the holiness of the law, is impossible of execution in any given time. Should one actually rethink the bible, rather than basing an opinion solely on church hearsay and the mid rash of scripture. Jews should be willing to die as martyrs if oppressors try to coerce them to give up their faith. If we are not sure of where Jesus was actually born, how do we know he was born at all. The question of suicide is therefore only the extreme point, where the moral question of how to live a life emerges. Thus, the phrase denotes a mode of acting instead of an obscure property of physical life. Sacred means holy; we are a creation of God and we are holy because he made us. Heschel believes that the eight qualities of preciousness, uniqueness, nonfinality, process and events, solitude and solidarity, reciprocity, and sanctity constitute the image of man that defines a human being. Abortions should be illegal in the United States because every baby should have a chance to live out his or her life. Sacred means that they think it is a special, given and holy thing.

In Early Purges by Seamus Heaney, conflicting views between the city and country folk question the true meaning of what defines cruelty to nature. They recommended for her to get an abortion, which she refused.

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Pro-life groups were angered by the legalisation of abortion, many believing that abortion was to destroy a sacred gift from God. Therefore, being human means not only being alive, but being able to conduct a moral life and take responsibility.

Life is sacred; euthanasia destroys life, so it must be wrong.

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Stopping suffering is a loving thing to do. It is the act of purposely aiding someone to die, instead of letting nature take its course.

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The result of which was vaginal bleeding.

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The Sanctity of Life