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Again, although the number of migrant workers lumping them all together who are employed in the coastal enterprises, is unknown and the author provides no data on thisit is without doubt a lower figure than the 50 to 60 million who were sacked from their jobs in the cities between and The interviews they recently conducted in Shenzhen and Chengdu, which have been passed to the Observer, are sometimes heartrending.

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Her descriptions do not add much, in purely factual terms, to what has already appeared in publications by NGOs and by dissident groups concerned with labour issues, but the great strength of the book lies in her presentation of a fuller picture of exploitation in China 1.

Night shifts follow a similar pattern; with demand for the iPad2 outstripping supply in many countries, this is a round-the-clock operation.

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Foxconn, a Fortune company, does not deny it breaks the overtime laws, but claims that all overtime is voluntary. In this regard, human rights are a secondary issue.

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Hence the new social security system, which is gradually being introduced, only covers urban residents. Apple requires suppliers to commit to our comprehensive supplier.

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Workers who step out of line can be publicly humiliated, it is alleged. In other words, there are actually two distinct categories of workers, and these are connected to two phases of capitalist development. The practices of concealed unemployment, and the economic difficulties confronting the state enterprises, are such that there is no question of firing some to hire others. Of course, this criticism in no way mitigates the quality of this book which is an outstanding and, I would stress again, courageous document on the creation of a new Chinese working class. The most striking sign of this confusion is the way she treats the super-exploited workers of the coastal regions on an equal footing with the workers in the state and collective enterprises, although the latter are actually less exploited now because they are being increasingly excluded from work. Hence the new social security system, which is gradually being introduced, only covers urban residents. The facts There are currently million migrant workers in China of whom 6. In this regard, human rights are a secondary issue. These controls were part of the permit hukou system, in which welfare entitlements such as pensions, housing, health and education were tied to a person's place of birth. This exploitation takes various forms, such as a prohibition on drinking and going to the toilet, public humiliation and physical assaults, the compulsory payment of a deposit, the confiscation of identity papers, the locking of dormitories with horrendous consequences when fire breaks out , sexual harassment, systematic non-payment of overtime, ridiculously low wages as low as 5 yuan per day , etc.
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Apple factories accused of exploiting Chinese workers