Hottest issues of the philippines 2010

In sum, describing Duterte as a populist provides a convenient but not entirely accurate label to characterize a complex, somewhat contradictory politician with a disparate policy agenda.

In How Democracies Die, Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt underscore the important role that political parties historically have played in containing extremist demagogues.

In his campaign, he ran as a Manila outsider, and portrayed the members of the elite associated with the Aquino government as incompetent and corrupt. If he had been able to run, it might have been a very different outcome. Still, even the most positive views of democracy in the Philippines since see it as a flawed work in progress; harsher critics see it as a sham and a failure.

Some of these impacts include increased frequency and severity of natural disasters, sea level riseextreme rainfall, global warmingresource shortages, and environmental degradation.

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Had Mar Roxas and Senator Grace Poe, the two most like-minded candidates, joined forces, they might have been able to defeat Duterte. Ocean acidification has dire consequences as it causes coral bleaching and ultimately leads to the collapse of coral reefs usaid.

Hottest issues of the philippines 2010

His nationwide war on drugs has applied the approach that he used in Davao City, giving the police free rein to deal with suspected drug users and pushers with little concern for legal niceties. He knows a number of them from when he was mayor, and he appears to believe that military officers will be more effective administrators and less prone to corruption than civilians. Although largely overlooked by most analyses, the PNP, and its predecessor the Philippine Constabulary, have long been at the nexus of politics, crime, and the rule of law. But that is not the full extent of the damage being done to the Philippine polity. How serious is the problem of democratic backsliding in the Philippines, and is the country on the way to democratic breakdown? Had Mar Roxas and Senator Grace Poe, the two most like-minded candidates, joined forces, they might have been able to defeat Duterte. As a result, public support for the president is an important factor in perceptions of presidential power. Compounding the error, flat royalties encouraged the loggers to remove only the most valuable species. Most officials then choose to fall in line with the president. But in the Philippines, parties are abysmally weak, and to date have been unable to provide compelling alternative leaders or narratives. This applies particularly to political parties and civil society organizations. Third, Duterte ran a savvy and effective campaign. This comes at a cost however as the oceans are becoming more and more acidic as they sequester more carbon dioxide. In contrast to populists who mobilize people, Digong like Estrada is a demobilising populist.

From a broader point of view, architecture is also practiced on the macro level- meaning urban planning and landscape architecture which in the Philippines, is becoming more and more obvious in the new developments sprouting up.

Duterte and Mindanao. By the late s, the importation primarily from Chinalocal production, and use of methamphetamine hydrochloride known as shabu in the Philippines was a major issue for law enforcement and the courts.

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Some of this corruption stems from individual greed, but it also is the product of low salaries, the complicity of politicians, and the multifaceted shortcomings of the justice system.

He has courted rank-and-file soldiers and police, visiting many military bases and raising salaries. Duterte has appointed numerous former officers to senior civilian positions in his government.

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Environmental issues in the Philippines