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But the first World War also shaped literature in other ways. That is why the true poet must be truthful. However, even if relations with Berlin became very friendly, the alliance with Vienna remained purely formal, as the Italians were keen to acquire Trentino and Triesteparts of the Austro-Hungarian empire populated by Italians.

As a watershed in world history, it was significant not just in terms of the enormous loss of life and its implications for international diplomacy, but also for its impact on society.

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Although many states were set up as democracies after the war, one by one, with the exception of Czechoslovakia, they reverted to some form of authoritarian rule. On September 12,the nationalist poet Gabriele d'Annunzio led around 2, troops from the Royal Italian Army the Granatieri di Sardegnanationalists and irredentists, into a seizure of the city, forcing the withdrawal of the inter-Allied American, British and French occupying forces.

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Throughout April the battalion suffered incredible physical privations caused by the record-breaking cold and snow and by the heavy shelling. The horror intensifies, becoming a waking nightmare experienced by the exhausted viewer, who stares hypnotically at his comrade in the wagon ahead of him as he must continue to march. This financial imperative dominated France's foreign policy throughout the s, leading to the Occupation of the Ruhr in order to force Germany to pay. Nations that gained or regained territory or independence after World War I[ edit ] Note: Countries which only briefly gained independence are not taken up in this list. While Owen wrote to Sassoon of his gratitude for his help in attaining a new birth as poet, Sassoon did not believe he had influenced Owen as radically and as dramatically as Owen maintained. In Britain, funding the war had a severe economic cost. Similarly, a number of women-poets both inherit and interrogate different traditions of lyric verse with remarkable power as they try to represent the war and its effects on civilian spaces and minds. With the Treaty of London , Britain secretly offered Italy Trentino and Tyrol as far as Brenner , Trieste and Istria , all the Dalmatian coast except Fiume , full ownership of Albanian Valona and a protectorate over Albania , Antalya in Turkey and a share of the Turkish and German colonial empire , in exchange for Italy siding against the Central Empires[ citation needed ]. The lack of a single poetic voice, and the mix of high and low styles throughout the work underlines the absence of a single, teleological presence in the work, perhaps signalling the absence of one unifying God-like presence in a post-war, post-religious world that has been torn apart by the Great War. Owen was developing his skill in versification, his technique as a poet, and his appreciation for the poetry of others, especially that of his more important contemporaries, but until he was not expressing his own significant experiences and convictions except in letters to his mother and brother. The recovery in recent years of poetry by women, civilians, dissenters, working-class and non-English particularly Irish, Scottish, Welsh and American writers in anthologies has led both to an expansion and a rethinking of the canon.

The "mutilated victory" vittoria mutilata became an important part of Italian Fascism propaganda. The poem is unified throughout by a complex pattern of alliteration and assonance. Many quarreled amongst themselves but were too weak to compete effectively. In the poems written after he went to France in Sassoon consistently used a direct style with regular and exact rhyme, pronounced rhythms, colloquial language, a strongly satiric mode; and he also tended to present men and women in a stereotypical manner.

The notion of defining a literary period, of retrospectively imposing a set of common characteristics on a disparate group of writers or texts, is notoriously risky.

The western Allies' substantial accession to Japan's territorial ambitions at China's expense led to the May Fourth Movement in China, a social and political movement that had profound influence over subsequent Chinese history.

Brock, the associate of Dr. Knowing these important writers made Owen feel part of a community of literary people—one of the initiated. In Britain, funding the war had a severe economic cost.

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There is more to war poetry than mud, wire and slaughter