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But individualism has also been attacked by those within the West who have doubts about their own culture. It is not an individualist approach, but an attempt at a collective solution.

The only bulwark against cruelty, indifference and callousness is individualism, the view that every person has a sacred soul and is in some vital sense the equal of everyone else.

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Collective action is an important political and social driver. As Canadian philosopher Charles Taylor says, "we naturally think that we have selves the way we have heads or arms, and inner depths the way we have hearts or livers", but pre-Christian humanity did not have this sense at all.

Individualism has fuelled invention, the agricultural revolution, the industrial revolution, and all the enterprise that has led to cheap necessities and fairly cheap luxuries - decent clothes, affordable housing, abundant food, and the mobility brought by bicycles, cars, trains and planes. Participants were asked to draw circles representing themselves and their friends on a paper and to connect related persons with lines within 10 min.

Hence, the Japanese are more likely to commit to a long-term relationship rather than to seek new relationships Yamagishi and Yamagishi, For L.

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Individualism is Spreading, and That's Not Good