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One is an iconic brand. Kodak has to do both. Jeffrey J.

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The historical liabilities are now clean. In recent years, Clarke said, Kodak "has had a challenged balance sheet. One is an iconic brand. Look at it as, 'The company didn't go away. Additionally, changes in economy of any country may affect the firm's revenues, expenses, financial factors You look at the organizations that he's been involved with and the fact that he's moved successfully through them — pretty strong pedigree in my view, and very worthy of a CEO of a growing technology company. Through the use of social media and the credibility of the companies, individual buyers have a large number of products to choose from that range in price. They need someone strong who can lead them to a profitable and growing future, a future that has not yet arrived despite their emergence from bankruptcy. If you can be innovative, you have a huge leg up on most people in the industry. There's a solid business there today. If they don't grow, that will be a struggle. I believe in long-term investments, deep investments in technology. Developing a Risk Response: 19 Monitoring and Control of Risk: 19 Conclusion 20 References 21 Introduction Strategic analysis helps the company to analyze their strengths and weakness and explore the opportunities in order to establish an effective plan for the market.

In some companies, it makes sense when a part of your company is underperforming or it would be better as a standalone company to spin them out. This is not rocket science — all companies have markets that grow and markets that are declining. This report will also give recommendations on how Kodak can use its resources to create capabilities that will push its competitive advantage and realign its organizational structure and management systems.

This mission statement will be helpful for the company to achieve its vision in future. At the same time, he said, it also might look at pulling out of some lines of business in order to put more resources, such as sales and marketing money, into others.

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