Nine lives ursula le guin

What are a lot of duplicate geniuses going to do for us when they don't even know we exist? Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

So long, Owen.

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Le Guin primarily writes science fiction and fantasy, though she addresses a variety of subjects in these works, including feminist and philosophical issues. Martin and Pugh send frequent reports back to Earth, which has almost been completely destroyed by wars and famine.

I may put them on the Hellmouth project then, instead of the Quadrant Seven project. Martin dragged him back onto the cot and gave him a whiff of oxygen, then knelt by Pugh, who was sitting up, and wiped at his cut cheekbone. The sun hung in the west, oblate, pale red, immense.

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They're trying to raise the level of the human genetic pool, which is a mucky little puddle since the population crash. There was no sound at all. The stuff was like gold, old-fashioned but essential, worth mining extraterrestrially and shipping interstellar. They're all dead, they were crushed or suffocated.

Till it fell in on itself. Does what he's programmed to do, no reaction to anything else. All they said had the slightly bland and stilted quality of answers furnished to the Public.

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Le Guin makes references throughout the story to underline this point. Come on down, launch. Though Martin and Pugh are an effective team, their combined efficacy is initially shown to be less than that of the clone collective. Later on he said, "Lay off that, please, Martin. I'm going to bed. It does facilitate our working as a team. Any type of essay.
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Nine Lives by Ursula K. Le Guin