Notice for roadshow program

Have your team set up at a coffee shop and take meetings there.

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Your engineer. The agent agrees to have secured a minimum of 12 meetings prior to the event taking place. Nametags are an absolute must.

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Don't skimp on the venue. So we were just trying to get through the day and get through all the appraisals.

Notice for roadshow program

No family members, friends or business partners of the agent who are not officially registered shall be admitted to the event. The more difficult it is to access the CEO, the higher the demand. Make the event bigger than you. I want to know more about Roadshow Thank you! If your event is a straight sell, you've lost them at this event and any future event you're thinking about hosting. As Ben sees it, the act of hitting the road to bring a product straight to the people is an incredibly effective event marketing strategy--particularly for small to mid-sized companies - if you follow these 12 tips to ensure your investment actually pays off: 1. Things, that still matter, even if you will not ever find them on an expense report. Think about what would get your guests excited. It's so much more interesting and diversity may just be your biggest selling point.

Things like love, jealousy, beauty, and pain. In the event of cancellation of the programme, or any part thereof, due to civil discord, terrorism, military action or natural events occurring without fault on the part of ICEF, there shall be no refund of fees paid, travel costs, nor expenses incurred.

Things, that still matter, even if you will not ever find them on an expense report.

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Invitation to LSCM Roadshow Kick