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If you are a Mac person the solution is easy: Use "Latex Equation Editor" search and download from the web ; it converts Latex equations to, for instance.

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Also, see me about getting your files backed up - this is important! Including Figures The figs directory is already setup, you can use the following template for including figures. For one that can be used for homework problem solutions, project reports, and journal paper submissions see: shell. There are certain stylistic standards and conventions for writing technical reports and papers that you should follow at all times; those are given in Strunk and White's book, but a few, especially ones specific to our field, are the following: Before you write, construct a detailed outline often it is best to do it down to the paragraph level. Bill Thalgott to approve your getting the keys. Good luck!!! This database provides, for examplem, the list of papers which cites a paper. Serrani, Ted Pavlic. For a brief explanation of how to output data from programs and plot it in Matlab, click here. Fix the issue with latexmk -f. Please let me know if you have any questions about any of these items. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering e.

I and hopefully others have used this template for both my candidacy proposal and my PhD dissertation, and is up to date with the graduate school requirements as of August Fix the issue with latexmk -f. Kwong, J. Think very carefully about how to produce a concise and short document.

All that said, however, I have not used it so I am not sure about this. Nounou, M.

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Note: This template is not officially supported by The Ohio State University, and I do not make claims about its conformity with the current requirements. Putting other file types into Latex: Adobe illustrator or Photoshop is useful for converting many file types e.

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Practically speaking it is probably not good to use only electronic editing. Latex can easily be made to do this. Make the names for the directories clear and put a "readme. Please stay in touch and come back and visit. Thalgott to get the keys he is in Rm. Please let me know if you have any questions about any of these items. Kwong, J. To do this, simply ask me and I can send an email to site. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering e. Please let me know if you have any questions and feel free to stop by my office at Dreese Labs, or send me email to set up an appointment any time.

There are many other issues involved in writing a good technical paper and it is recommended that you pay careful attention to the process of writing and try to improve your writing afterall, we are judged by what we communicate, in written form, or orally, so your abilities to write and speak clearly are very important.

Technical Presentations: The technical presentations that you give e.

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Join Linkedin Sign up, set your profile Send me an invite to connect to you. Kwong, J. Moreover, it produces much higher quality. Be sure to consult the Graduate Student Handbook to check that you meet all requirements and have filled out all the necessary paperwork. Get registered for classes and buy books ask graduate students where the best place is for a good deal and perhaps consider purchasing them off the web. Captions of figures go on the bottom of the figure, and captions for tables go on the top. A problem, however that typically arises is that you have to use mathematical formulas, ones that you already have in Latex.
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