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When Henry introduced his illegitimate son, Geoffrey, to the royal nursery, Eleanor was furious, Geoffrey had been born in the early days of their marriage, the result of a dalliance with Hikenai, a prostitute. Becket was at first worldly and unlike the King, dressed extravagantly.

He then owned more land in France than the French King himself.

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He consistently opposed and quarrelled with Henry, not allowing him to assert royal authority upon the church. Top Final years Henry II was devastated and profoundly shaken by the whole affair. Henry regretted Becket's death but the event cast a cloud over the remainder of his reign. The in-fighting over control of different territories continued among his family members till Young Henry died in He had a legitimate interest in seeing that priests who committed serious crimes, such as murder, should be liable to punishment by the lay authorities just like any other of the king's subjects. At 21 he succeeded to the English throne and by , the British Isles and Ireland had acknowledged him as their overlord and he ruled more of France than any monarch since the fall of the Carolingian dynasty in A few days later the Young King was dead, Henry and Eleanor mourned the loss of their errant son sincerely. It was thus, a few years later, that he came into conflict with the bishops, then led by Becket, over the alleged right of clerics to be tried for crime by an ecclesiastical court. Henry undoubtedly had two bastards, Geoffrey 'Plantagenet' and William 'Longsword', and there is also no doubt that the great love of his life was Rosamund Clifford, with whom he took up in and who died in Henry wanted one standard of justice for all his subjects. Eleanor was eleven years older than Henry, but in the early days of their marriage that did not seem to matter. Henry planned to re-divide the Angevin Empire, giving Anjou, Maine, Normandy and England to Richard and asking him to relinquish his mother's province of Aquitaine to John. Henry had avoided a Flemish invasion, but Scottish invaders were still raiding in the North. Henry II was an energetic man who was obsessed with the idea of taking back the territories once ruled by his maternal grandfather Henry I.

Richard complained and started fortifying his castles when Henry prevaricated. But Richard was in no mood to trust his father.

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Henry's relationship with his family was a dramatic and turbulent one By the Assize of Clarendontrial by jury became the norm. In the next few years he began a concerted effort to strengthen and build a larger empire.

One was scutagethe commutation of military service for a money payment; the other was the obligation, put on all free men with a property qualification by the Assize of Armsto possess arms suitable to their station. Henry's parents never cared for each other, their's was a union of convenience.

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It was thus, a few years later, that he came into conflict with the bishops, then led by Becket, over the alleged right of clerics to be tried for crime by an ecclesiastical court. InHenry arrived from Francedeclaring himself Lord of Ireland. Richard joined the protest of the others and was supported by Eleanor.

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Some, indeed, were under the feudal overlordship of the king of France. His sons were pardoned, but Eleanor was kept in custody until her husband died. The first great family squabble occurred in when Henry the Younger, aggrieved at his lack of power and egged on by Henry's enemies, rebelled against him. The book of the same title was written by Richard Barber and published as a guide to the broadcast series, which starred Brian Cox as Henry and Jane Lapotaire as Eleanor. Finally, the increasing use of scutage, and the availability of the royal courts for private suits, were effective agents in molding the feudal monarchy into a monarchical bureaucracy before the appearance of Parliament. He was succeeded by his eldest surviving son, Richard I The king's body was laid out in the chapel of Chinon Castle, where the corpse was stripped by his servants. Becket was sent on a mission to the court of France to negotiate a marriage between Henry and Eleanor's eldest surviving son, known as Young Henry and Margaret, the daughter of the King of France by his second marriage. Succession crisis Henry II's attempt to divide his titles amongst his sons but keep the power associated with them provoked them into trying to take control of the lands assigned to them, which amounted to treason, at least in Henry's eyes.

However, Becket seemed to change in his role and became a defender of the church and its tradition.

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King Henry II, first Plantaganet King of England