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They will also look for areas without competitive rivals. Ideal Points Maps: Ideal points maps reflect ideal combinations of two product characteristics as seen by a consumer. Example Perceptual Map In the example below two dimensions price and quality have been used.

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The second approach second map below is used by larger brands looking to push a competitor out of the market space. The problem with being at the top of the market, however, is that someone is always trying to knock you off. Symbolic Positions deal with self- image enhancement, ego identification, belongingness, social meaningfulness and affective fulfillment.

Uses[ edit ] Perceptual mapping enables companies to better understand their customers: the who, why, where, how and what of their behaviour. The data needed to form a perceptual map is usually obtained through surveys, and can be difficult to obtain.

The complete dedication of stakeholders and the creation of a product that is in demand can help companies survive a repositioning strategy.

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How to interpret these maps is discussed in another section of this marketing study guide. Perceptual map of competing products Cars that are positioned close to each other are seen as similar on the relevant dimensions by the consumer. For example, consumers see Buick, Chrysler, and Oldsmobile as similar. Provided by: Boundless. How you conduct the survey depends on your situation. This ensures the activity identifies actionable issues rather than becoming just a discussion on ideas. I would encourage you, where appropriate, to produce multiple perceptual maps and even present more than one in your marketing assignment.

Modern techniques[ edit ] Marketers can reveal shoppers' collective perceptual map with increasing precision and detail by aggregating and analysing their data; this is done, for example, in the smartphone and laptop industries.

Areas without ideal points are sometimes referred to as demand voids. This study indicates that there is one segment that is more concerned with effectiveness than harshness, and another segment that is more interested in gentleness than strength.

Pull out a piece of paper and draw the two axes! Think better together with GroupMap. When creating a new product, a company should look for a space that is currently unoccupied by competitors and that has a high concentration of consumer desire ideal points.

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If customer perception data is wrong, the map will be wrong and this will affect the success of any marketing strategy based on the perceptual positioning map. Some perceptual maps use different-sized circles to indicate the sales volume or market share of the various competing products. You will note that there are no defined axes in this type of perceptual map. Offer incentives to encourage consumers to participate. This map displays various aspirin products as seen on the dimensions of effectiveness and gentleness. By using customer research and perceptual mapping, a marketer can create a positioning statement using one of the three main bases. Qualitative answers from the survey are then transferred to a perceptual map using a scale, such as the Likert Scale. Summary We must remember that perceptual maps are based on the buyer's perception this is challenging: what may be viewed as a quality product by one buyer, may not be perceived as a quality product by another buyer. Customers often buy on a want, rather than a need, impulse. Each dot represents one respondent's ideal combination of the two dimensions.
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Understanding perceptual maps