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The circumstance at Indias Big Bazaar Dvd is not totally adhering to Concept X, it can be seen that new hires are finding this atmosphere instead demanding which may at some point lead to a greater inclination of the monitoring in the direction of Theory X.

As your competition is becoming stiff on the market the activities conducted by the company are unique, which may have brought fruitful result to the company.

Pestel analysis

The weaknesses might also arise from lack of certain resources which the competitors already had. Separating Adverting and also Production functions. Shopping Culture: Shopping culture has not developed in India as yet. Political factor like government policies, tax policy, labour law, environmental law, trade restrictions, tariffs, and political stability. Big Bazaar Case study help Recommendation In a case analysis when all the requirements are met than recommendations are being provided in order to suggest some different ways to analyse the case or to take any other remedial actions to address the situation at hand. Also while assessing Lewis's administration style, concept X might have appropriated in the procedures department to some extent yet the Marketing division would require dependence on Theory Y to get the imagination and creativity from the groups. These include more than one options, because each option has its own limitations regarding providing benefits to the organization. This could be one of the key reasons why IT usage percentage remains low in the Indian retail industry. Income Statement Analysis: Hence the major components which are analysed in the income statement includes revenues, operating expense and earnings of the company to identify and determine the financial performance of the company. No concentration: The number of firms is so large that sum of the square of the market share is 0. You can use the following strategy to organize the findings and suggestions.

These six steps can be defined as understanding the situation, identifying the core business problems, analysing the issues, defining different alternatives to resolve the core business problems, choosing the best solution after qualitative and quantitative analysis and making recommendations.

It can be seen how Krasnow has actually currently made this change easier by making Lewis obtain included in the department a year before his real separation.

Both features might be able to concentrate on their core triggers more effectively. There are some questions that need to be answered by analysing the environmental factor of the company.

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Since most of the openings are for front line shop people, a graduation will be good enough. Moreover, they might also be the location and nature of the business or operations of the organization given the industry in which it is operating. Herfindahl index means perfect competition or at the very least monopolistic competition that are Extremely competitive at the low end. The unorganized sector, a considerable portion of the retail industry, is lagging behind in IT usage. You should make a list of factors that have significant impact on the organization and factors that drive growth in the industry. Bazaar Pantaloon can make strategies based on the stable political environment. Strengths and Weaknesses are considered as internal factors of the organization, as they inform about the internal strengths and weaknesses of an organization. Trouble Declaration The possible social change at the advertising and marketing department of Indias Big Bazaar Dvd is boosting uncertainty in the workplace bring about various challenges for the Jeannie Lewis that would certainly be replacing the head of the department in one year. Bazaar Pantaloon can leverage this trend to expand the market beyond its traditional customers by employing a differentiated marketing campaign. Though it might work well for the consumers but certainly not for the seller. Technology has helped retailers to measure the products with modern weighing machines. So laws are passed to prevent unfair competition.

Direct duplications and substitution are the two main ways of tackling with the inability of the resources. High level of education often results in better jobs, higher income and higher spending on complex and aspirational products.

Implementation framework helps in weeding out non actionable recommendations, resulting in awesome Big Bazaar case study solution. Even now malls are just a place to hang around with family and friends and largely confined to windowshopping. PESTEL analysis helps the managers to identify business opportunities and threats which are particularly related with the business.

Market research shows how the consumer for Indias Big Bazaar Dvd does not have awareness regarding discovering remedies which can offer a mix of convenience and also inexpensive.

big bazaar value chain analysis

Understanding production process of the company. The model on which Big bazaar works is one of 'economies of range'.

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