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What expressions are used to introduce the problems? By the way, expository is usually an argument essay and one kind of argument essay is a problem solution.

Today it is so rampant to the point that individuals relate their physical, social and mental identity with these applications and platforms.

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Use Examples Each solution needs to be supported with specific examples. Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar Another step is to check for grammatical and spelling mistakes as well as punctuation. Problem Solution Essay Questions: Overpopulation of urban areas has led to numerous problems. Read out your paper aloud to ascertain if at all you have misspelled words or errors in grammar. With obesity levels in industrialized and industrializing countries continuing to rise, it is essential that we take action now to deal with this problem. However, now I feel the topic is too broad. Once in a while, it results in suicides. As a result of such cruel circumstances and unfulfilled desires, individuals go into depression. We are individuals who are prone to addiction. Start the paragraph by introducing the problem. If you have any questions please let us know in the comments below or on the Facebook page. Then as they begin to write and collaborate on ideas with others, they will change their topics accordingly. For example, Firstly this essay will discuss Some students have commented that this structure only has one problem and one solution and they are worried this will not be enough to get to words.

A possible solution to this problem is for skilled professionals to enter into mandatory service in their origin country, before being able to migrate. It is well known that regular exercise can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, which means that those with poor fitness levels are at an increased risk of suffering from those problems.

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Climate change is among the principal dangers facing people this century and ocean levels are increasing dramatically.

It should base the discussion on the situation as well as the problem.

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Most papers of this type do not always require external citations. These are also sometimes called "storyboards.

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How To Write A Problem And Solution Essay