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You use the full stops to create sentences way too frequently.

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I would love to know if they are surprised by the twists or in love with the characters like I am in some books that I read. For instance, I did not read academic books merely to pass my exams but tried to unearth the eye-opening ideas they contained, the sophistication to which they drew attention, and the refinement in mind and in character they recommended. Being so busy in their lives thee is something for which people usually manage to take out times is that their passion. We learn to read and interpret text at a very young age, many learning the alphabet before kindergarten. I noticed how a friend of mine was constantly absorbed in her books. I don't know what the group thought of me, but later that night I had trouble drifting off to sleep. Mike Monast May 12, at AM I do strongly agree with you Haley that being read aloud to when you are younger is a great advantage for the child, from building vocabulary to understanding new concepts, but I feel it is not necessary.

Literature, however, does not change. Obligations are the enemy of passions, for the moment even one is imposed, the passion is affected and cannot function to the degree it did before. Instead of the regular weeknight meeting, our group took an overnight road trip to Stratford, Ont.

Stories have the ability to invoke emotions. An escape from my mom duties for one evening a month, and the opportunity to ignite the reading spark I'd lost years ago, was hard to resist.

Overall what i am trying to say it that being read to is nice, but is not necessary to succeed.

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I made New Year's resolutions to read at least five books a year, but always ended up short of my goal. Yah, that's the problem -- no detail.

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My Passion for Reading Essay