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Either way, you will have plenty to do, with lots of sunshine and fresh air. It is the reversing of the pumps and instead of lying awake for an hour wondering what it was, like we did, you can just fluff your pillow, pull your blankets back up and go back to sleep!

When we arrived, we picked up a map at the entrance that showed all the trails. That was the last time he went fishing.

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It was once a general store for the people living in the area. I am glad we did. There is a picnic pavilion that can be reserved and there are lots of public picnic tables in shaded areas.

With 4 small kids in our group we made numerous trips up the hill.

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During these periods, water from the upper reservoir is released down to the power plant to produce hydroelectricity. There are plenty of trash cans sitting around for convenience.

There are restrooms, swings, and picnic tables close by.

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The same turbine-generators that are used to generate electricity reverse into pumps during pumping mode. Picnic Pavilion I love how much shade there is over the picnic areas and they all have a great view of the lake. Fishing is allowed from the 1st to the 10th of each month.

Inside the welcome center was information about the lakes and history of the Rocky Mountain Project.

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