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Here were my thoughts on it… I was definitely nervous.

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I spoke second on Monday. It was accepted in January 21st, and was published in the Journal of Nursing Scholarship.

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I tend to look down at my notecards a lot. At least in this sense, our CDA book makes me feel normal.

Even though I may have not been speaking conversationally, I think that my posture made up for it a little bit because I stood confidently even though on the inside I was nervous.

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Words: , Paragraphs: 4, Pages: 3 Publication date: May 30, Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! The biggest thing in my speech that I noticed the most was the eye contact. Therefore, it is hard to find a person, who does not want to become a good, interesting and inspiring public speaker. Good Luck Everybody! What strengths were mentioned? Not that this is all that can be improved, these were just things that I happened to notice. With a more conversational way of speaking, you can attach yourself to the audience rather than reading your speech. Probably, I just need to improve psychological background and learn how to remain calm and self-controlled. I gave some time to let the humor set in with a pause and then proceeded to go on with my speech, so I thought that I used humor in my speech pretty well.

Some people prefer to do this review once a week or once a month; I recommend that you review your skills after every speech, especially if you are a novice speaker just dipping your toes into the public speaking pool.

Was this shorter or longer than you had planned? I received numerous compliments on this aspect of the speech.

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As far as the actual speech goes, there are a few things I would fix if I could do it all over again. Remember that the aim of the self-critique is not to beat yourself up over any slips or mistakes you might have made. This study was conducted on volunteer freshmen at a southern university. Was this the result of too much preparation robotic , or not enough preparation to make the movements more fluid? If I can settle my nerves a little bit before I speak, things like stuttering, vocal fillers, hand gestures, and eye contact will improve because I will be speaking more confidently. It was accepted in January 21st, and was published in the Journal of Nursing Scholarship. I review my speech over and over again before I give it, and almost memorize it, but it is my worst fear to speak in front of people so that is why I look down at my cards so much. In the future, I need to solicit more feedback specifically about the core message and what might be done to strengthen it. Personally, I thought I needed this story to make a human connection. Good Luck Everybody! My speech needs to be more conversational. If I have some time to get ready for public speaking, to prepare the draft of my speech and put my thoughts in order, I guess my performance is successful and quite pleasant.

Did you try any new techniques, either in the preparation phase or in your delivery? The second thing that caught my attention while watching myself was that I need to have more gestures with my hands.

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Another thing that I thought I did well was pausing. Did you achieve your objective? Speaking skills are improved incrementally one speech at a time. I had lots of fun through the whole process! Was your voice clear throughout? In a few instances, when I lowered the volume of my voice, I think I went too quiet. I think my timing and pauses could have been a little better in my delivery of humor punchlines.

Those criteria are a great start, but you can also ask yourself many other questions too. First, I would slow down a little bit.

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I guess because I was nervous I felt the need to fill the empty space.

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