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Cooking the books. As a group, Aboriginals still cannot participate fully, effectively and equally in the day-to-day life of a community, notwithstanding the fact that changes in the law and social attitudes have occurred.

But that becomes particularly heightened when language, culture and politics meet in the classroom. There were trade routes across the country. In the British Government declared that Australia was a terra nullius Attwoodp viii. The granting of land, the impact of mining and the payment of royalty money has similarly.

Indigenous dancers by Shutterstock To do so is not to relinquish critical thinking but to practice it in an environment of respectful dialogue that — at the very least — acknowledges both historical and ongoing injustices, and the relationship between them.

They could not or would not see such signs and so deemed the land amenable to possession.

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By , traditional Aboriginal society was still in small groups in central and northern Australia. Handled carefully, they are not just practical guides, much less a closing down of debate; they are an opening for critical thought. In the British Government declared that Australia was a terra nullius Attwood , p viii. The Aborigines were also traders. They proceeded to reject the 'terra nullius' doctrine without overturning the traditional view that the Australian landmass had in fact been settled. Many of the Aborigines got smallpox, measles, venereal disease, influenza, whooping cough, pneumonia, and tuberculosis and died. Violent clashes were the exception, not the norm.

The great irony was that, because Australia had annexed the Torres Strait in the s, the Mabo case could, in principle at least, set a precedent for the whole of the continent. Yet there is a fundamental point which goes to the heart of this debate that literally no one, to date, seems to have picked up on.

It would be somewhat understandable if Captain James Cook, one of the discoverers of Australia, had made brief contact with Australia, seen what many Europeans of the time felt was inhabitable land, and declared terra nullius.

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