Smme in botswana

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However SME growth is negatively influenced by the labour laws which prohibit access to cheap foreign labour. Access to bank credit has a positive and significant effect on the growth of SMEs. Data Sources Three types of data sources were used in institutional analysis of the role of institutions in promoting the development and growth of SMEs: documentary review, institutional survey data, and SME survey data.

Smme in botswana

In particular, LEA targets women, youth, and the unemployed. They could be used to realize the much needed diversification and sustainable growth. Wren, C. Adding to these efforts is the Citizen Entrepreneurship Development Agency CEDA which operates as an investment arm and financer to viable projects and feasible business ideas. According to them commercial banks usually prefer to give loans to enterprises which have been operating for a longer period of time. References Akoten, J. This study acknowledges the financial support from IDRC but the views expressed here are those of the authors only.

Kalleberg, L. Penrose, E.

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Hagen, K. Mabogo Dinku offers short term loans from P Woldie, A. The documentary review focussed on key documents from institutions such as annual operational reports, business plans, audited financial statements.

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Pissarides, F. CEDA provides different lines of credit to SMEs which include debt finance for retail operations, debt finance for services operations, the credit guarantee scheme, and invoice discounting CEDA,

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Botswana SMEs still face challenges