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This financial services giant strives for the best of both worlds, wielding its global presence and resources to meet banking needs locally, one customer at a time.

Here are the priorities of five different audiences with appropriate information to give each one. Personalized service is the hallmark of.

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The questions who? The essential message in Figure 1. Writing Instructions and Procedures.

Immediate supervisor? The pH range is 5. Keep in mind that you will need to adapt your message to fit your audience. Giving Facts, Not Impressions Occupational writing is concerned with what can be seen, heard, felt, tasted, or smelled. The writer uses concrete language and specific details. Holding the item about 3—4 inches away is best; holding it out more than 8—9 inches ensures that the scanner will not read the code. Source: New Scientist magazine. Waste oils discharged through the river systems and practices associated with tanker transports dump more significant quantities of oils into the ocean, compared to what is introduced by the offshore oil industry. What kind of job experience, education, and interests does my reader have? The tone of your writing is especially important in occupational writing, because it reflects the image you project to your readers and thus determines how they will respond to you, your work, and your company. The long report in Chapter 15 pages — describes some ways in which a company can both acknowledge and respect the different cultural traditions of its international employees.

Case Study: A Description of Heparin for Two Different Audiences To better understand the effects of style and tone on writing, read the following two excerpts. Used by permission. Will some of my readers speak English as a second or even third language, and so require extra sensitivity on my part to their needs as non-native speakers of English?

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Also, find out how to avoid computer viruses and what to do if your computer becomes infected. Do my readers have to take immediate action, or do they have several days or weeks to respond?

With your purpose clearly identified, you are on the right track.

As you can see, it is an image of a father smoking next to his son, who is reaching for his pack of cigarettes. Should I use a formal tone or a more relaxed and conversational style? The word smoke is aimed directly at their game and their goal. About me? Each year a larger share of the U. Rewrite your purpose statement until it states precisely why you are writing and what you want your readers to do or to know. You will also very likely be writing to readers for whom English is not their first or native language, as shown in the second pie chart in Figure 1. Used by permission. Reprinted by permission. As these examples show, to succeed in the world of work, give each reader the details he or she needs to accomplish a given job. Then another medication you can take by mouth will be started. On-the-job writing makes frequent use of visuals such as tables, charts, photographs, flow charts, diagrams, and drawings to clarify and condense information. Rotation: The code needs to be facing the scanner so that the lines can be read properly. Do my readers have to take immediate action, or do they have several days or weeks to respond?
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Successful Writing at Work by Philip C. Kolin