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Miller of New York. He was also surely the first in his generation to galvanize the white, working-class voters later labeled as Reagan Democrats.

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Start your free trial today for unlimited access to Britannica. InWallace sought the Republican Party's presidential nomination.

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Wallace was encouraged by his father in two areas: politics and boxing. This blend of color prejudice and economic grievance appealed to enough voters to win him more than 13 percent of the popular vote and five states in the presidential election.

The University of South Alabamaa new state university in Mobile, was chartered in during Wallace's first year in office as governor.

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His name appeared on the ballots in at least nine states, and in Wisconsin, Indiana, and Maryland he polled 25, 30, and 43 percent of the vote respectively. Jones stressed that Wallace had sacrificed his own presidential aspirations that year to allow a direct Republican challenge to President Johnson. He eventually endorsed Carter, who faced Republican incumbent Gerald R. Second Term as Governor George and Cornelia Wallace Wallace eyed the governor's race as an avenue to the presidency in House amendment to forbid the placement of students and teachers on the basis of racial quotas. Two years later the Selma march led to the passage of the Voting Rights Act. At the height of his popularity, Wallace's extremism and his poor choice of a running mate wrecked his chances. Thirteen candidates ran in the May Democratic primary, with Attorney General John Patterson being the most formidable. He remarried in to year-old divorcee Lisa Taylor, the daughter of a coal baron who, with her sister, had formed the Mona and Lisa duo that had entertained crowds during his presidential race. Reelected as governor in , and serving consecutive terms until his retirement in , Wallace gradually retreated from his segregationist views, admitting that he may have been wrong all along. Born on Aug. The hostile racial Stand in the Schoolhouse Door climate encouraged Ku Klux Klansmen to bomb the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church , killing four black girls, after which the Wallace administration resisted efforts to bring the perpetrators to justice. Wallace's campaign was plagued by voter concern about his health [66] as well as the media use of images that portrayed him as nearly helpless. Of Wallace's out-of-state trips, Brewer said, "Alabama needs a full-time governor!

His vice-presidential choice, Gen. Winning in a landslide, Lurleen Wallace made George her "chief advisor" and set him up in an office across from hers in the capitol. Wallace's constant campaigning over the years, however, essentially made him an absentee father.

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George Corley Wallace