The enlightenment hobbes versus locke essay

Module introduction: Human nature, good or bad? People began to look for evidence on their beliefs themselves and to find proof on these beliefs, so that they could come up with their own opinions on things. Go back to the Locke primary source document.

Much of the book demonstrates the necessity of a strong central authority to avoid chaos and disorder. Compare and contrast their beliefs about the state of nature, the best type of government, and the nature of the social contract. The lecture on Hobbes indicates his quite modern and novel—for the day—arguments about why people should support the state.

Locke and Hobbes, two contrasting views of the English Revolution During and after the English Revolutiondifferent English thinkers reacted differently toward the revolution, based on their own life experience and philosophical outlook. Similar to Hobbes, adopted the idea of conditionality of society, but with a very different conclusion.

Basic understanding of terms and concepts such as sovereignty, consent, order, and liberty is assumed.

thomas hobbes vs john locke compare and contrast

But this freedom is not absolute, since it is bounded by two precepts of the law of nature, which arises from the nature and human reason, and which stipulates that there can be no wrong inflicted to oneself or to others.

Rousseau takes a singular stance that stands out from every point of view, it is therefore in opposition to the works of Hobbes and Locke, because according to Rousseau, they transpose civil rights in the state of nature.

locke state of nature

If they act against this, they are in a state of nature. In his view, it represents a state of permanent war, a permanent threat to the continued existence of the individual. Jefferson created a draft document created a bold experiment, America.

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The Political Philosophies of Thomas Hobbes and John Locke