The importance of the young turks to the turkish and armenian history

Young turks history

Accusations launched by the press of a plot hatched against the security of the State had also undoubtedly served to sway public opinion in favor of the radical measures to be taken against the Armenian population in its entirety. During the first years of the regime, the Young Turk leaders tended to appoint puppet governments with which they were not involved on a public level, in order to better impose their political choices. The conflicts at the Caucasus Campaign , the Persian Campaign , and the Gallipoli Campaign affected places where Armenians lived in significant numbers. These divisions are almost entirely decimated. And you have to make 1. And 1st November , deportation of Greeks stopped. As a result, about half of the displaced died of exposure , hunger, and disease, or were victims of banditry and forced labor. And according to these plans, first, they targeted Greek population on the Aegean coast. Turkish nationalism became official party policy. Upon the end of the war, with defeat imminent , the CUP cabinet resigned on October 9, , less than a month before the Ottomans signed the Armistice of Mudros. In addition, the programs of the Young Turk regime effectuated greater secularization of the legal system and provided for the education of women and better state-operated primary schools. And then, total equality. Launched at the end of , this project mobilized international authorities and was based on the negotiations between the Ottoman government and the Great Powers on one side, and between Young Turk leaders and Armenians on the other.

The revolution of July reestablishing the constitution which had been suspended after just two years of existenceannounced a democratization of the regime and equal rights for all citizens regardless of their national or confessional inclination.

In the districts most densely populated with Armenians they opted to conscript males between the age of sixteen and nineteen, while those who were forty-one to sixtee years old were released from conscription.

The opposition was performed in compliance with the French government. When the following stage—that of the actual deportations—began in Maythere were practically no more adult males in the Armenian regions in the east.

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In the summer ofArmenians were moved to the Konya region in central Anatolia. It also began to steer away from the long-held Ottoman foreign policy of alliances with Great Britain and France, and forged a stronger military cooperation with Germany.

Effects of the young turk revolution

Frequently, the marchers were stripped naked and forced to walk under the scorching sun until they dropped dead. Talaat as Minister of the Interior in Istanbul ran the government for a figurehead grand vizier. Another aspect of the Young Turk project concerns the usurpation of the individual and collective property of Ottoman Armenians accompanying the attempts to form a Turkish middle-class of businessmen, practically inexistent before. In their typical explanation of the events, an already-incendiary climate between Muslims and Christian Armenians intensified as Ottoman fortunes in the war declined, paranoia spread, and the scapegoating of Armenians took a systematically violent turn. He produced a most important book, all the more so because the ideology of Islamism has endured, and most recently some of its outstanding proponents have seized power in the Middle East. It must hold itself to the same standard it holds the rest of the media: that of addressing difficult issues with unflinching honesty, even when doing so is inconvenient. After the loss of Albania, Macedonia, and a good part of Thrace, Turks and Armenians found themselves facing each other; threats of massacre were made increasingly explicit. For a long time, it was supposed that a continuity between the anti-Armenian policies of the Hamidian regime and those of the Young Turks in power from to existed.

The siege lasts until May Working secretly in unconnected clusters under the watchful eye of the Hamidian secret police, the Young Turks succeeded in overturning the rule of the autocratic sultan when the Ottoman armies in European Turkey openly supported the movement.

Enver in a last adventure met his end in in Central Asia leading a cavalry charge against an advancing Red Army unit. In the course of the following days, 12, of these deportees, many of whom are wounded, are regrouped at Bitlis, and of them are taken in by the American local mission.

As the war intensified, Armenians organized volunteer battalions to help the Russian army fight against the Turks in the Caucasus region.

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From the beginning of the month of Aprila change in tone with regards to the Armenians in the Young Turk press of Istanbul can be observed. Others argue that they were a result of local-level radicalization. Forged documents, flawed scholarship, and political motives tangle up the evidence we do have.

Lastly, the CUP entrusted local command of the genocidal process to the provincial valis, or governors-general, who were made responsible for the execution of Talaat's and Enver's orders.

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The Young Turks and The Armenians: From Revolution to Genocide