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He had many adventures and often he would get tired and he would lack self-confidence but he was persistent.

Rikki-tikki sneaks into the litter and sees twenty-five eggs with little cobras ready to hatch any minute.

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Rikki-tikki is proud but not too proud, and keeps the garden free from snakes until the end of his days. She commented that he won a nice spot for them.

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One is Kerick Booterin , the chief hunter of the island, and his son Patalamon. It is a place where the lower-class and less intelligent Sea Cows already live, but now a place for the seals to dominate. The main character in the story was Harvey Cheyne. He also begins to search by himself for an island where no men have ever gone. He tries to talk to them but they do not answer. He says they are not places for young boys to play, but when he has seen the elephants dance then he will let Little Toomai go into all the Keddahs. The elephants surge and trumpet and shuffle and boom; Toomai holds on tightly for at least two hours. As he grows up, he swims with his mother to the South Pacific, and back to the island at the end of the year. He orders Darzee to tell him where Nagaina is, and the bird tells him she is on the rubbish-heap by the stables. This line can be easily skipped over when reading the story aloud because it has no bearing whatsoever on the plot. He was different from other seals not only by his skin but by his personality as well. Off the coast of Mozambique, he meets a few seals who tell him that hunters go there too. Kotick decides he will do this, and Sea-Lion suggests he speak to Sea Vitch, the big, ugly long-tusked walrus.

Most of the young male seals are unharmed but Kerick has killed a few, as he has done for the last thirty years. First, all three of these tales include characters who are white: there is Peterson Sahib, the white parents and Teddy, and Kotick the white seal. He knows it must be the head and that he cannot let go or he will perish.

Rikki-tikki enjoys his life here and is exceedingly curious about everything.

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