The writing process activities

The writing process activities

The writing process takes these elements into account by allowing students to plan their writing and create a publishable, final draft of their work of which they can be proud.

I set the timer time is of the essence with this lesson and the kids write as much as they can on the blank paper. In using the writing process, your students will be able to break writing into manageable chunks and focus on producing quality material.

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By examining their pencil holder from various angles kneeling beside it, looking down from an aerial standpoint, standing farther away , students might be able to see what needs to be refined. It also helps students to apply the skills that they learn to all subjects. In the writing world that means that capitals and punctuation are present. For kindergarten students, scribbling and invented spelling are legitimate stages of writing development; the role of drawing as a prewriting tool becomes progressively less important as writers develop. Have young students engage in whole-class brainstorming to decide topics on which to write. Students then invite classmates to give them feedback as well. I wanted to have a quick refresher with my students about the writing process. We list them on the board so that we can revisit them to evaluate our pencil holders throughout the process. Revising and Editing The next step is the revising and editing phase of the writing process. I tell them they have seven minutes to brainstorm about. It was meaningful and engaging, and it helped them to understand the writing process, but afterward, they quickly forgot the information.

The Sample Writing Rubricfor example, can be used for upper elementary students. Your ELLs will develop greater language proficiency as they collaborate with their peers when revising.

writing process activities high school

Sometimes, we are blinded to our own mistakes, but a pair of fresh eyes can provide insight that we might be overlooking. The activity is engaging for students and can be used as a reference often.

Please share your tips with us in the comment section below, we would love to hear your ideas. You can help your students by guiding them through the writing process throughout the school year.

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Also highlighted during revision time is adding more details and crafting their writing with figurative language and finesse.

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Writing Process Activities