Weisbord s six box model

A causal model of organizational performance and change.

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Weisbord Six-Box Model. How to cite this article: Janse, B. If so, they will more likely spend money on certain products. Are you familiar with this explanation of the Weisbord Six-Box Model? Structure should give a clear idea of the legal power, and it should also provide an accurate and fitting overview of how the goals of the organisation need to be achieved and who is responsible.

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Economic instability will make customers want to hold on to their money. Weisbord poses diagnostic questions for each box of his model. Find out More Some complementary information and resources on the model can be found on Marvin Weisbord website.

weisbords six box model pros and cons

January 27, Weisbord proposes six broad categories in his model of organizational life, including purposes, structures, relationships, leadership, rewards, and helpful mechanisms. Weisbord suggests you ask yourself a set of questions for each area being examined.

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