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A character as extreme as Alan forced me to explore his every motivation to understand his personality: I lost myself in the process of imagining his past experiences to shape an authentic portrayal, and found the unpredictability and excitement of performance to be an experience unlike any other.

The answer could be found, in part, on my morning commute—a daily research study.

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I was doing them a disservice by limiting my character research to the acting studio. Your subscription helps ensure our journalism can continue.

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But, how could I make an audience of strangers feel something, especially if I was playing an unfamiliar character? And I wanted to be at the forefront of this battle. Get in touch today.

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They stressed that my goal, as actor, was to provoke emotion in the spectator, rather than to use the stage for my personal therapy. TIP 8: Say why you would make a good student, talk briefly and without too much self-aggrandizement about your best qualities. Because scripts provide only a sparse outline, much of the character choices were mine to make, but what I could accomplish during two hours of rehearsal was not enough. I have also gained outstanding performance grades in GCSE and AS level drama, and particularly enjoyed the Dramatic Improvisation unit which developed my skills in this discipline. People like to read something with a personality. What do they want? It is your chance to let your personality shine off the page, just as you would in your drama school audition. TIP 1: Read what it asks you to do.
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Writing a Personal Statement for Drama Courses